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Rüegg Studio Finnland | Finnland

Takkamestarit Kohonen OY

Antti Kohonen

Rüegg Studio Finnland | Finnland

Takkamestarit Kohonen OY

Suomalaistentie 1-3
2270 Espoo
Tel. +358 9 8813464

antti.kohonen@takkamestarit.eu www.takkamestarit.eu


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Many good reasons to visit a Rüegg Fireplace Studio

There are lots of good reasons to choose a fireplace or furnace and many more reasons why you should absolutely not miss a visit to the Rüegg Fireplace Studio Finland. Together with its partners, Rüegg offers a whole spectrum of very special heating systems. And the modern standards of design in Rüegg Fireplaces are brilliantly reflected in the Rüegg Studio.

Good advice

The employees at Rüegg Studio are experienced fireplace experts who cater specifically to your requirements. They offer a comprehensive one-stop service and accompany you from the beginning of your journey all the way to your personalised dream fireplace.

Green Philosophy

But what would a modern fireplace be if it didn’t lead the way in environmental and climate protection? Here you can count on Rüegg quality as well.

From dreams to reality

In the Rüegg Studio, dreams become reality. When planning and buying your fireplace you can rely on the knowledge and experience of our employees at the Rüegg Fireplace Studio. Free and personalised advice on site, solutions made to measure and Swiss quality. The Rüegg Studio promises you pure fiery delight!

You are welcome to visit us!

Take us at our word and make an appointment with us.