The way to success – the story of a family

More than 65 years ago, the young fireplace builder Walter Rüegg († 2020), founder of the leading Swiss manufacturer of living space fireplaces, Rüegg Cheminée Schweiz AG, cycled with his bicycle and trailer on the dusty streets in the village of Zumikon. His mission: to conjure up a crackling fire in the living room. But that alone is not enough for the busy craftsman.

In 1959 he invented the first fireplace insert, the fireplace of which could be closed with a glass pane. At first, his idea, which he immediately patented, earned more ridicule and malice than enthusiasm. But Walter Rüegg did not let himself be deterred, kept tinkering and finally - in the 1970s - the long-awaited breakthrough came. The oil crisis is bringing wood-burning back into focus. Walter Rüegg’s invention suddenly caused a sensation all over the world and forms the basic requirements for the efficient and low-emission home heating systems of today.

Rüegg has set itself the goal of consistently cultivating this characteristic. The patent terms have long expired and Rüegg has probably become the most copied role model. We’re even a little proud of that now. Because if you are copied, you have to have done a lot right!

For over 65 years, we at Rüegg have been working with creativity and passion to perfect the interplay of flames in living spaces.

Appreciation has always been and is the focus in the further development of our products. For you as the end customer or fireplace builder, for wood as a valuable renewable and climate-neutral source of energy and for our environment, which has only been given to us once.

Today Rüegg employs 32 people as its headquarters in Hinwil/Switzerland. Rüegg attaches great importance to design, quality and the use of high-quality materials for the products sold worldwide exclusively by Rüegg partners.