Quality features

10 factors for Rüegg

Rüegg is known around the world as a pioneer in closed heat chimneys and a trailblazer when it comes to quality and innovation.

In 1959, Walter Rüegg built the first heating element with an enclosed combustion chamber and patented his revolutionary idea. Since then, Rüegg has made a name for itself around the world as a pioneer in closed heat chimneys. With innovations appearing again and again, Rüegg still shows the way today and is regularly one step ahead of the market. Its success has been characterised by the following 10 factors:

  1. Exclusive design – The detail makes the difference: All the heating elements are perfectly finished and offer modern design with puristic lines.
  2. Clean flames thanks to the Airwash system – The complex combustion air system with 3-phase technology ensures an attractive and consistent flame. Targeted air injection forms an air curtain which keeps the panel clean in the long term.
  3. Versatility – The possible applications of the Rüegg devices as warm air, storage or radiation systems are unique. 
  4. Efficient energy – Whether supplying heat through convection or radiation: the energy generated is always optimally and efficiently used.
  5. Best quality – We strive to deliver the best quality and comply with the strict European standards and guidelines.
  6. Independent from the room air – Heating elements from Rüegg are fitted with a combustion air system which is separated from the room air. They are suitable for minimal energy, low energy and passive houses.
  7. Wide-ranging designs – You have a choice of a wide range of shapes, models and sizes as well as exclusive designs: for example a 360° panorama or an electronically adjustable panel.
  8. Smooth-running doors – Thanks to carriages with 4-point support, the door guides are perfectly balanced and guarantee quiet and easy operation without exertion.
  9. Replaceable components – The intelligent construction of the heating elements deliberately allows access from the front of the device back so that a faulty component can be replaced without breaking the casing open.
  10. Robust construction – The materials used are very robust and low-maintenance. Moving parts can still be operated effortlessly even after years of use.