Energy standards

Perfect for minimal energy houses

Do you have to forego the benefits of a living room firebox in well insulated, airtight houses? – No, not at all! Almost all Rüegg heating units meet the strict energy standards for minimal energy, low energy and passive houses and can be used with no problem.

Airtightness: Practical test passed

The installation of Rüegg fireplaces in minimal energy houses does not affect the existing ventilation and extraction systems in any way. This has been tested under real-life conditions and, in particular, clearly proven using the Blower Door Test (differential pressure measurement procedure): By closing the panel on the Rüegg heating unit, it is completely sealed to the room air.

AirDirect: separated from the room air

Thanks to the AirDirect combustion system used in Rüegg fireplaces, the combustion air is conducted into the heating unit directly from outside, completely independently from the room air. The living room is deprived of neither preheated air nor oxygen. The clean combustion and low wood consumption also make a positive contribution to the home’s energy footprint.

Installed by specialists

Rüegg heating units are installed by specialist who know their way around the particularities of modern and energy-efficient buildings. The installation is always done taking the country-specific applicable standards and regulations into account.