Energy label

New law as of 1 January 2018

December 2017

What has long served consumers as a guide when purchasing fridges, coffee machines or light bulbs will also become law throughout Europe for home fireplaces from 1 January 2018. As of this date, manufacturers must mark all individual room heating devices with a universally recognised energy label.

The energy label, which must be clearly visible on the device front, gives you a quick summary of the heat output of the device and its energy category or the degree of efficiency of the relevant type of fireplace.

Efficiency of 84% for Rüegg fireplaces

By “degree of efficiency” we understand the energy a device outputs into the room as opposed to the total energy content of the fuel. Let us place four kilograms of dry wood in the fireplace, for example. The wood has an energy content of 16 kWh. The fire burns down and the Rüegg fireplace emits 13 kWh of required or usable energy into the room. The degree of efficiency is thus 13 kWh : 16 kWh = 0.813 or 81.3%. The latest generation of Rüegg fireplaces achieves a proud degree of efficiency of 84%, which is practically unbeatable.

Fireplaces do not have a very good reputation when it comes to environmental friendliness. Unjustly so, as what is not so commonly known is that modern, high-quality indoor fireplaces from serious suppliers are high-tech devices which have to satisfy strict environmental requirements. Properly operated indoor fireplaces are distinguished by their sophisticated combustion process. They have a specific combustion air infeed and properly dimensioned combustion chambers. This ensures low-emissions operation. Technically outdated, incorrectly dimensioned systems or low-quality devices are harmful to the environment due to incomplete combustion processes with a high emission of dust and other pollutants. They must be replaced.

Rüegg fireplaces are environmentally compatible

With its countless innovations, Rüegg Cheminée Schweiz AG has for a long time been setting a clear example regarding environmental friendliness and efficiency. All latest-generation Rüegg devices have the highest energy label classification for indoor fireplaces of A+. The energy label presents our branch of industry with an opportunity. In the future, it will be easier to distinguish high-quality indoor fireplaces from cheap goods.

When buying an indoor fireplace, read the energy label so that you can enjoy the healthy heat generated by the wood within your own four walls – instead of losing it out of the chimney.

Energy ordinance product data sheet as a PDF