Gas fireplaces - Cheminée / Kamin / Ofen

LUCIUS gas fireplace

The fire and the ceramic logs located in the combustion chamber, which look deceptively like real wood, fascinate the observer just as much as the construction, which is realised without cornerstones. Following the principle of "the beauty of simplicity". If you are looking for a discrete room divider, the LUCIUS 140 models, granting a limited view through, lend themselves to this application. 

If you prefer a modern look, the LUCIUS can be fitted with white Carrara pebbles or grey ceramic chips instead of logs.

All models from Element4 can be used in living rooms with controlled ventilation. Conjure up a relaxed atmosphere in your living room with the press of a button. Want something a bit more convenient? Control via smartphone or tablet, or connection to the central building automation system is also possible.

Natural or liquid gas? Both options are available for all fireplaces from Element4.

Discover the entire Element4 range in our Rüegg Studios or on the Element4 website.

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Technical Specifications


3-sided high