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Stove Rüegg Celtis

Elegance in black steel

The new Celtis combines the benefi ts of a wood-burning stove with the visual and technical advantages of a classic fi replace. Made in Switzerland, the exquisitely crafted casing is simple and elegant in its beauty. Manufactured from 5 mm-thick steel, in two different shades of black, this purist wood-burning stove is the secret star of your sophisticated living space..

The benefits of Rüegg Celtis at a glance:

  • Once delivered, Celtis is installed in less than a day and largely dust-free
  • Low space requirement: Celtis can be installed on less than 1 m² of living space with a rear clearance of just 1 cm from fl ammable walls in accordance with fi re regulations
  • Triple-sided glazing allows for a perfect all-round view of the log fi re
  • User-friendly and functional: E xceptionally s mooth p anes s tay clean for longer, and can just be unlatched for cleaning and then clicked back in just one movement – quickly and easily
  • The clever spring steel seal closes the panes tightly at the corners and prevents the smell of smoke
  • Service-friendly and durable: If a repair is required, all movable parts can be replaced without damaging the casing
  • Beautiful flame pattern thanks to a clever combustion chamber design and precise combustion air supply
  • High effi ciency level and lower than average emissions / energy label A+
  • Available in two different looks: natural black or chocolate black
  • Can be dismantled without damaging the device ( e.g. d uring home renovations)
  • Available with optional additional storage heating mass

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Technical Specifications



Versions/Energy label

  • Tilia RIII-F 45x56x46 / Energielabel A+


Declarations of performance Stove Celtis

Measurement sheets PDF Stove Rüegg Celtis

Measurement sheets DXF Stove Rüegg Celtis 45x56x46

Measurement sheets STP Stove Rüegg Celtis 45x56x46

Product data sheet Fireplace Celtis - Product data sheet


Important information :

Please note that the dimension sheets are not true-to-size when printed.

Since we are constantly optimising our products, the right to make changes is reserved.

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