Stufe di Leenders - Cheminée / Kamin / Ofen


HOVERING OBJECT Attached to the ceiling, this stove hovers above the floor. It rotates in any direction, so the fire becomes the centre of the space.

CONCENTRIC DOUBLE-WALLED FLUE Wald can also be connected to a concentric double-walled flue to draw in a direct supply of fresh air form the outside. The air supply is drawn in from the outside via the flue.

DESIGN The design style chosen for Wald is expressive. To say the least. It is raw and pure. The engineering determines the shape.

Qui presentiamo solo una selezione di stufe di Harrie Leenders. Visitate un Rüegg Studio o il sito web di Harrie Leenders, per conoscere l'intero assortimento di queste esclusive stufe.

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