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  • Cheminée Rüegg Violino Tunnel 55x73
  • Cheminée Rüegg Violino Tunnel 55x73
  • Cheminée Rüegg Violino Tunnel 55x73

Haard Rüegg Violino Tunnel 55x73

The new VIOLINO TUNNEL 55 x 73 complete our portfolio

They are fireplaces with a generous expression, tailored to the individual living space. In the room or free-standing as a room divider, they provide a natural setting for the fire. The new VIOLINO TUNNELs suit people who enjoy pleasure. They are heat dispensers of exceptional format and offer the usual Rüegg quality.

Its external values are quickly apparent: the tidy design and the beautiful workmanship of the high-quality materials leave nothing to be desired. The inner values are just as convincing: on the one hand, the high efficiency, which extracts a lot of valuable heat from the wood combustion. On the other hand, the low pollutant values, which, together with the climate friendliness by the fireplace, achieve a good carbon balance. The useful is also linked to the pleasant. What kind of heating system offers an even remotely comparable feeling of security, independence, and safety?!

Rüegg has always attached great importance to solid and durable quality in the manufacture of fireplaces. The new VIOLINO TUNNEL, like all Rüegg appliances, are the result of the consistent implementation of our philosophy. Only the best is good enough for our customers. Whoever allow themselves this fireplace can enjoy the warmth of the fire, the moments of peace, good conversations with friends or all together in peace.

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Technische Specificaties

Cheminée Rüegg Violino Tunnel 55x73




  • Violino Tunnel 55x73 / Energy label A

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