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MARS fireplace

In the beginning, there was fire Fire has accompanied human development. At Rüegg, the fire of enthusiasm for the construction of the best fireplaces has blazed since 1955. Mars is part of it. With its alterable appearance, it is often something well-rounded. But sometimes it fits itself, completely flat and seamlessly, into sophisticated architectural designs.

For the modern, well insulated house - regardless of whether it’s minimal energy or low energy - the Mars fireplace has the perfect output capacity. Enough to extract cosy warmth from the fire for pleasant hours with sociable people even at the coldest time of year. But not so much that your living room becomes a sauna in the winter. Mars suits you. Treat yourself to the archaic beauty of fire and its cosy and snug warmth in your beautiful living room.

By the way: Did you know that a well insulated house can be fully heated with just four to six kilogrammes of wood per winter’s day? Mars and the other Rüegg fireplaces make this possible thanks to their high efficiency levels.

Technical Specifications



Versions/Energy label

  • Mars 570 / Energy label A
  • Mars curved / Energy label A

Important information :

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