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  • Rüegg Fireplace URANUS
  • Rüegg Fireplace URANUS
  • Rüegg Fireplace URANUS

URANUS fireplace

The planet Uranus is actually the opposite of a fireplace: It is a so-called ice giant. The Uranus from Rüegg, by contrast, is a provider of warmth, likewise in an extraordinary format. It is so cleverly constructed that it can offer the fire appearances in three different versions. First, the cosy option behind flat panels, secondly the exposed version in the middle of the tunnel, and thirdly the natural option behind rounded panels.

In the production of fireplaces, Rüegg places great value on solid and durable quality. Uranus is the result of the consistent implementation or our philosophy, according to which only the best is good enough for our customers. Anyone who treats themselves to this fireplace is generous and can consciously enjoy it. Whether its the warmth radiating from the fire, the moments of calm, the beauty of a good wine, good conversations with friends or everything together. You don’t need to tell everyone that you are saving a whole litre on heating oil for every hour of fire and thus making a contribution to climate protection as a result. You can just quietly enjoy this great feeling.

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Technical Specifications



Versions/Energy label

  • Uranus 510 flat / Energy label A
  • Uranus 570 flat / Energy label A
  • Uranus Stil flat / Energy label A
  • Uranus Tunnel / Energy label A