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  • Rüegg fireplace 720 Giant
  • Rüegg fireplace 720
  • Rüegg fireplace 720
  • Rüegg fireplace 720
  • Rüegg fireplace 720
  • Rüegg fireplace 720 Giant
  • Rüegg fireplace 720

720 fireplace

With the 720, the view of the fire is impressive – however, its two siblings, the 720 GIANT and the 720 COMPACT, even top this with their broader front. Depending on how much space you have for your fireplace, you have a choice: The GIANT and the COMPACT have a smaller depth than the 720. In addition, the Compact is characterised by a smaller width in comparison with the Giant. A clear plus for flexibility, even in the planning.

Shortly after its launch it was evident that Rüegg had managed a real coup with the 720 model. It was the first use of the revolutionary, support-free double-aspect view. Within a short time, the 720 became a real best-seller and, thanks to its timeless design, it still is one of the most popular fireplaces today.

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Technical Specifications


2-sided left
2-sided right

Versions/Energy label

  • 720 / Energy label A
  • 720 Giant / Energy label A
  • 720 Compact / Energy label A


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Fireplace 720

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