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  • Rüegg Fireplace Pi-CCOLO
  • Rüegg Fireplace Pi-CCOLO
  • Rüegg Fireplace Pi-CCOLO

Pi-CCOLO fireplace

With the fireplace Pi-CCOLO, the firebox reaches into the interior of the room as a projection and offers a greater than 180° view of the flames. Enjoy the fire without restriction throughout an entire evening. In the background while fine-tuning your culinary skills, during the subsequent delightful dinner and as the perfect finale while you sit back comfortably on your couch as you while away the evening.

The lavish frontal glass facade of the Pi-CCOLO fireplace opens up interesting perspectives and is particularly suitable for wall installations.

Technical Specifications

Rüegg Fireplace Pi-CCOLO



Versions/Energy label

  • Pi-ccolo Compact / Energy label A
  • Pi-ccolo Classic / Energy label A