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In the beginning there was fire ...

Humanity has always understood how to make use of the elements of earth, water and air. However, the final stage of evolution was achieved only when humans learned to control fire. The importance of fire is tremendous and forms the basis for modern living, such as preparing food and heating living spaces.

Modern living has changed dramatically in the meantime, but one thing has stayed the same: in a rapidly evolving society, it is important to create spaces that invite you to linger and where the relaxing atmosphere can be felt as soon as you enter the room. Fire is the element for creating this atmosphere. The warm play of colours and the slow, hypnotic flicker of the flames slow down an otherwise hectic environment.

Not every room is suitable for a log fire – whether this is because the logs have to be procured and regularly refilled, or because retrofitting is not allowed. And yet the desire to spend time in a stylishly designed room for rest and relaxation has persisted down through the ages. Reason enough for Rüegg to offer the solution to this desire with the AMBIENT FIRE. The RÜEGG AMBIENT FIRE combines the aura of peace and security with the latest hologram technology in a modern and aesthetic design.

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