Living room fireboxes

Unequalled in quality

Rüegg is proud to have been the most copied manufacturer of living room fireboxes for a long time. There is no better evidence of constant prominence. And this has the following reasons – which are not always visible at first glance.

Uncompromising design

Saving a few millimetres here, integrating a mechanism there: Form and function are shaped by an unwavering gaze for the smallest detail.

Highest comfort

The operation of Rüegg heating units is very simple. Just a few hand movements make perfect fire enjoyment possible.

Maximum safety

Out of respect for fire, Rüegg always manufactures more solidly than required. Beyond the standards and regulations, every model is an example of Swiss quality and reliability.

High efficiency

Long service life, low wood consumption, high reliability and hardly any servicing requirements: these are all included in the price. As a result, Rüegg heating units are never cheap, but are always cost-effective.


Even after 20 or 30 years, most of the spare parts are available beyond the statutory period. And if a repair becomes necessary, the ingenious construction allows for the replacement of all moving parts – without expensive and damaging interference with the cladding.

Airtightness – minimal energy

So that no vacuum is generated and no pre-heated air is drawn out even in minimal energy and energy-efficient houses, Rüegg has perfected the sealing of the closed firebox and created an independent air supply.

Environmental friendliness

Wood is only a renewable and clean energy source in the conditions for the most efficient combustion possible. Refined air and combustion gas supplies as well as tailored geometry in the combustion chamber make the Rüegg units the best in their class.

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