Fire and flame for design and technology

Residential and living areas continue to evolve, environmental standards are getting stricter, our lifestyles are changing. An experienced team works with fire and passion on continued development so that one thing remains unchanged: the magic of fire.

The technology and design department works according to the motto of “trust in the proven, discover the new”. A modern heating unit must be able to do more than just carry fire within itself; it is important to combine aesthetic forms with functional properties. At the same time, the product should be as simple and discreet as possible, must be made from ecologically sound materials and give joy for a long time.

An objective which requires ever more design skill since there are lots of small steps required from the sketch through the prototype to a fully installed heating unit in a system. The process often lasts much longer than a year – not least because Rüegg has always made it its business to always deliver the absolute highest quality.

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