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You can find Rüegg Studios for exclusive living room fireboxes throughout Europe. Find a Studio near you.


Inspiration and specialist advice

Anyone who loves and is looking for a special fire is in the right place in our Rüegg Studios. The employees are experienced experts in the field of fireplace and oven building and go into your requirements in detail. They offer you a comprehensive service all in one place and support you right from the outset on the road to the object of your individual dreams. Free and individual advice on site, customised solutions and Swiss quality.

Behind the Rüegg Studio brand lies a selective sales concept for our fireplaces, ovens, outdoor fireplaces and kitchen fireplaces which we offer to our partners and from which everyone benefits equally. Most of all, though, customers who want good advice and the best support right from the outset.

Pure enjoyment of fire awaits you in the Rüegg Studios! Come and visit us.

Rüegg Studios worldwide

Germany: 36 Rüegg Studios
Austria: 13 Rüegg Studios
Switzerland: 47 Rüegg Studios
France: 38 Rüegg Studios
Italy: 11 Rüegg Studios
Czech: 2 Rüegg Studios
Slovakia: 1 Rüegg Studio
Slovenia: 1 Rüegg Studio
Belgium: 1 Rüegg Studio
Netherlands: 1 Rüegg Studio
Luxembourg: 1 Rüegg Studio
other: 1 Rüegg Studio

Rüegg Studio

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