• Stove Rüegg Cassia

    Stove Rüegg Cassia

    Our newest member of the Rüegg family Fina-Line presents itself small and fine: The Rüegg CASSIA. Our over 60 years of passion for fire have been incorporated into the simple construction and combustion chamber construction.

  • Stove Rüegg Celtis

    Stove Rüegg Celtis

    A conventional fi replace is reminiscent of a diva. It’s unique, and can‘t be installed without careful planning or any additional construction work.
    In contrast, the new, encased innovation by Rüegg, which is ready to install and called after the Latin tree name Celtis, blends seamlessly into the background.

  • Stove Tilia

    Stove Tilia

    NEW: Tilia combines the advantages of a stove with the visual and technical advantages of the classic fireplace. The cladding, which is manufactured in Switzerland, comes in a trendy industrial style and is made of powder-coated steel.