News Even more environmentally friendly heating with Rüegg Violino Tunnel

Rüegg Violino tunnel 55x98 and 45x80 with catalytic converter

Our second tunnel with a catalytic converter is now available.

Like the Violino Tunnel 55x73, it is a fireplace with a generous expression, tailored to your individual living space. In a room or free-standing as a room divider, it provides a natural setting for the fire.
In addition to the customary Rüegg quality, the Violino 55x98 brings another new highlight from Rüegg to the market.
The Violino Tunnel 55x98 is the first fireplace from Rüegg to be launched with a catalytic converter. As a result, it achieves excellent higher heating values and makes an important contribution to maintaining a healthy environment.

Catalytic converter from Rüegg Cheminée Schweiz AG

The catalytic converter is our latest achievement and guarantees even more environmentally friendly combustion. It reduces pollutants in the exhaust gas (e.g. ensures lower CO values) and contributes to even more efficient combustion.

  • Catalytic converters reduce CO, CnHm, VOC and dust.

  • They are stable at high temperatures and can permanently withstand an operating temperature of 700°C.

  • Catalytic converters are stable over the long term.

  • Our catalytic converters are integrated into the furnace and are therefore part of the furnace

  • They are easy to clean. Cleaning and maintenance are described in a separate operating manual.

  • They are an economical way of significantly reducing emissions from wood firing systems.



In this way, the Violino tunnels ensure that wood firing can continue to be the environmentally friendly and correct alternative heat source in every household in the future. With its reduced nominal heat output, the appliance is also ideal for small rooms (nominal heat output Violino Tunnel 55x98: 9.5 kW).