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Reduction in emissions with Rüegg catalytic converters

Reduction in emissions with Rüegg catalytic converters

Sustainability and the release of emissions into the environment are important issues in our industry. Rüegg Cheminée is constantly working to reduce emissions and launched new products with integrated catalytic converters at the beginning of the year.

The Rüegg catalytic converter guarantees more environmentally friendly combustion. It reduces pollutants in the exhaust gas (e.g. ensures lower CO values, reduces particulate matter) and contributes to even more efficient combustion.

The advantages of the catalytic converter at a glance

  • Significant reduction in climate-impacting emissions such as CO, volatile hydrocarbons (OGC) and particulate matter

  • The catalytic converters are stable at high temperatures and can permanently withstand a continuous operating temperature of 700°C

  • Catalytic converters remain stable over the long term

  • Rüegg catalytic converters are integrated into the fireplace and are therefore part of it

  • They are easy to clean

  • Good accessibility for functional checks, maintenance and replacement (cleaning and maintenance are described in separate operating instructions)

  • They are an economical way to make significant reductions in emissions from wood-fired systems

Chemical principle of the catalytic converterof CO up to 80%

  • Reduction of CO up to 80%
  • Reduction of volatile hydrocarbons (OGC)
  • Reduction of particulate matter up to 50%


Chemische Wirkungsweise des Katalysators


Requirements for optimum utilisation of the catalytic converters

Left: Clean catalytic converter / Right: contaminated catalytic converteror

Clean catalytic converter                                                             Contaminated catalytic converteror


Optimum fuel for optimum results

  • Untreated logs (ideally beech) with 15%-20% residual moisture
  • Avoid softwoods containing resin, as this leads to premature clogging of the catalytic converter
  • Do not use treated wood or wood with foreign objects in it such as nails, screws, etc.


  • Under optimum conditions*, we recommend cleaning after 80-100 operating hours at the latest

  • Clean the catalytic converter with a brush, a paintbrush or by vacuuming with a brush attachment*

  • Clogged catalytic converters (tar formation on the upstream side) cannot be cleaned and must be replaced immediately!


Nach ca. 4 - 6 Heizperioden* muss der Katalysator getauscht werden:

  • Schieben Sie hierzu die Prallplatten auseinander, sodass Sie den Katalysator im Rauchfang sehen können**
  • Öffnen Sie den Katalysatorhalter und tauschen Sie den Katalysator aus
  • Schliessen Sie danach den Halter wieder und schieben sie die Prallplatten wieder an deren ursprünglichen Ort

Katalysator-Wechsel Violino Tunnel

Video Replacing the catalytic converter

Rüegg Violino Tunnel 45x80 with catalytic converters · Rüegg Violino Tunnel 55x98 with catalytic converters

Placing an order

Do you need a new catalytic converter? Order directly from the webshop or by email for only € 179.00 excluding VAT.

* Depending on the frequency of use, type, quality and nature of the fuel,
    the quantity of fuel and the type and features of the fireplace and associated chimney system
** Works with Violino Tunnel 45x80, Violino Tunnel 55x98.

Technical changes reserved
Prices excluding VAT