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Cheminée Rüegg Violino Tunnel 55x98


Even more environmentally friendly heating with Rüegg Violino Tunnel 55x98 an Violino Tunnel 45x80 with catalytic converter.

The new Rüegg Violino Tunnels complement the current Rüegg portfolio. They are fireplaces with a generous gesture, tailored to the individual living space. Free-standing in the room or as a room divider, they come in 3 different sizes and offer a natural setting for the fire.
The Violino Tunnel 55x98 and the Violino Tunnel 45x80 arethe first fireplaces from Rüegg to be launched with a catalytic converter. As a result, it achieves excellent higher heating values and makes an important contribution to maintaining a healthy environment.

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Launch of the new Rüegg RAS models (RAS 50x68x42, RAS 50x80x42) at the WORLD OF FIREPLACES in Leipzig.
The ideal solution for interior chimneys: The ideal solution for interior chimneys: The unique architecture of the Rüegg RAS offers a great deal of freedom in the individual design of your fireplace with internal chimneys, wooden niches and other design elements


Rüegg launches the AMBIENT FIRE. An electric fire, which combines the aura of peace and security with the latest hologram technology in a modern and aesthetic design.

Launch of the new series of two-sided fireplaces of the FLEX-LINE generation called Fireplace Rüegg RII. 


In the course of 2017/2018, 12 different 3-sided fireplaces of the FLEX-LINE generation are created with the name Fireplace Rüegg RIII.

Matthias Rüegg is withdrawing from the operational business and is now concentrating on his role as President of the administrative council. Richart Landolt takes over the function of managing director of Rüegg Cheminée Schweiz AG.


Know-how, service, quality – across Europe and from a single site: In order to benefit from synergies and a multilingual team at a single site, the Rüegg competence centre in Hinwil is opened.

All customers in all countries in which Rüegg is active will now be looked after from Switzerland. As a result of this, the branch offices in France, Germany, Austria and Italy are closed.

Founding of Rüegg Cheminée Schweiz AG in Hinwil and opening of the fireplace and oven exhibition.

The first Rüegg Studio in Switzerland is opened. In November, the first Rüegg Studio in Austria is opened.

The Cubeo is born and, thanks to its four glass sides, allows an almost 360° view of the fire.

Founding of Rüegg Camini Italia s.r.l.

The first Rüegg Studio in Eastern Europe (Prague) is opened.

Rüegg Cheminée AG acquires the majority of shares in Swisskeramik AG.

Russia, Turkey, Slovenia... the desire for quality knows no bounds and Rüegg expands its exports. Rüegg updates its communication and develops a new slogan: “As long as there’s wood”.

Rüegg brings a world first to market. Zumikon®, a particle separator which eliminates between 60 and 90% of the fine dust produces by a wood fire.

Rüegg celebrates its 50th anniversary, attended by more than 250 fireplace installation companies. Walter Rüegg retires from the company, but continues to follow the development of wood as an energy source closely. Rüegg surprises with the extremely innovative CookCook, a unit which combines the pleasure of cooking, comfort and lifestyle.

Rüegg CookCook

The “Club der Creatieve Haardenbouwers” [Creative Fireplace Builders’ Club] is established in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Rüegg brings the first elliptical heating unit to market.

Founding of Rüegg Kamine GmbH, Linz, in Upper Austria.

Rüegg introduces its planets product line onto the market – particularly high-performance heating units which work on the basis of heat radiation and are particularly suitable for low-energy houses.

The “Club der Kreativen Kaminbauer” is established in Austria.

Rüegg is the first private industrial enterprise in its industry to receive a research assignment from the federal government.

The “Club der Kreativen Kaminbauer” [Creative Fireplace Builders’ Club] expands to Germany.

Rüegg sets the latest design standards with the new THEMA, THEMA TOP and OMEGA products. As an additional milestone, Rüegg is the first fireplace manufacturer to gain ISO 9001 certification.

The “Club des Créateurs de Cheminées” [Fireplace Creators’ Club] is established in France. This pioneering partner system stands for individual and high-quality fireplace installation in the industry.

The sons take over the management of the company.

Peter Rüegg, biologist, joins the family company as head of development. The effective combination of ecology and economy manifests itself more and more as Rüegg’s guiding principle.

The “Rüegg Fire Gallery”, a leading exhibition of fireplaces and ovens, is opened in Dietlikon.

Founding of Rüegg Cheminées SA in Wissembourg, France.

Rüegg designs the first afterburning system for its fireplaces. This technology ensures the highest efficiency level while also reducing pollutant emissions by 60% and reducing the wood consumption by 40%.

Rüegg designs a fireplace with an angled ceramic glass panel and thus establishes the prism-shaped fireplace – another milestone in the industry. Rüegg expands its partnership with the trade and, from 1 April 1988, supplies exclusively tried-and-trusted specialist companies which can guarantee flawless installation.

The successful family company, Rüegg Cheminée AG, is strengthened by two of the founders five children joining the company. Markus Rüegg, architect and energy specialist, supports his father in the technical field and becomes head of development. Matthias Rüegg, Swiss-certified master stove fitter, takes over the role of head of marketing and later takes care of all export matters.

After he has developed numerous other ideas – but hasn’t realised everything – Walter Rüegg begins selling his units abroad. First in Germany, then in France, Austria and Benelux, and later also in the USA. Rüegg products are appreciated everywhere owing to their designs, the highest quality and their output capacity.

Walter Rüegg develops a fireplace with a glass panel which can be pushed upwards. In the twinkling of an eye, a conventional, open fireplace which imparts the smell and the cosiness of crackling wood – but when closed also functions as an efficient heat source with a high efficiency level – emerges.

The dedicated craftsman builds the first heating fireplace with an enclosed combustion chamber and patents his revolutionary idea. His invention soon spreads around the world..

Walter Rüegg, a young stove fitter, goes into business for himself in the village of Zumikon. With a bicycle and trailer, he visits his customers in order to install fireplaces and tiled stoves