Unique fireplaces

Design your fireplace

february 2018

Marie-Therese Brunner had specific ideas about her dream fireplace, and the Rüegg Studio in her region was all ears.

First of all, she checked with the furnace builder, what could technically be implemented in her living situation. The choice was clear - the Rüegg Cubeo, which is irresistible, not only visually, but also practically. The cubic shape with cleanly worked edges, and borderless panes, without distracting struts, open up the panoramic view of the blazing fire.

Room division par excellence

The Cubeo works very well as a very special room divider. Which is exactly how Ms Brunner staged it in her living/dining room. The Cubeo is practical when it comes to cleaning. All panes can be opened easily and conveniently from the side. 

Introduce your own ideas

Marie-Therese Brunner has a flair for anything to do with decoration and furnishings. As a freelance florist with her own studio, she advises and supports her customers with a great deal of passion and attention to detail. Therefore, it is no surprise that she wanted to design her own fireplace. “Ultimately, every fireplace is a unique piece, which you should enjoy for a long time”, says the bustling entrepreneur. Apart from the relaxing effect that a crackling fire has always had on people, it is this uniqueness that makes a living room fire something very special.

Elegance in black steel

Ms Brunner decided on stylish black steel cladding for her heating insert, which harmonises perfectly with the other decorative elements. This on trend material can be integrated into any living style, from rustic to modern practical. Another advantage of black steel, is that it can be worked very precisely.

In winter, Marie-Therese Brunner’s Cubeo is used almost daily, and brings her four-legged housemate Jlda relaxing, happy moments too, who has a sad past as a street dog. Dog and mistress feel right at home, in front of the blazing fire.