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  • Cheminée Rüegg RAS 50x80x42

Fireplace Rüegg RAS 50x80x42

The ideal solution for interior chimneys:
Rüegg RAS

With their side windows of different lengths, the Rüegg RAS models are just as convincing when fitted directly to an internal chimney as they are in combination with wooden niches.

Which fireplace installer is not familiar with this situation: a fireplace insert needs to be attached to an internal chimney. A two-sided glazed fireplace stands with the closed side over the chimney and a three-sided glazed fireplace must be planned with a distance to the chimney so that the side windows can be opened easily for cleaning. The Rüegg RAS solves this situation elegantly with its one-sided shortened side window.
On the opposite side away from the chimney, you enjoy the full view up to the back of the rear wall as usual. On the chimney side or the side of the add-on element, the pane is flush with the end of the element so that you have a guaranteed view of the fire and can easily open the door.

The advantages of the three-sided glazed Rüegg RAS at a glance:

  • The unique architecture of the Rüegg RAS offers a great deal of freedom in the individual design of your fireplace with internal chimneys, wooden niches and other design elements
  • The sophisticated design allows the most compact construction with the projection of 72cm on combustible back walls (tested according to EN 13229)
  • Rüegg RAS, integrated in a storage system, provides cosy radiant heat for several hours and becomes your personal sun in your living room
  • Long Life Conception: In times of a throw-away society, Rüegg develops fireplace inserts that are designed for a very long operating time
  • Swiss quality: As Swiss quality seal holder, Rüegg fireplace inserts are synonymous with outstanding manufacturing quality
  • Refined aesthetics: Rüegg fireplace inserts impress with their incomparable puristic design. The uncompromising integration of all mechanical elements and the cubic lines allow to create extremely clean and discrete designs.
  • Combustion chamber with Thermobrikk®: The main function of the combustion chamber of a fireplace is to keep the high temperature inside the chamber. This is the only way to achieve higher efficiency and truly efficient and clean combustion

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Technical Specifications

Cheminée Rüegg RAS 50x80x42



Versions/Energy label

  • RAS 50x80x42 /Energy label A

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