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  • Rüegg storage heating stove inserts SOE
  • Rüegg storage heating stove inserts SOE
  • Rüegg storage heating stove inserts SOE
  • Rüegg storage heating stove inserts SOE

Storage heating stove inserts SOE

The Rüegg storage heating stove inserts are a system, with which your individual system can be built to your needs. They have the primary characteristic, that the energy generated is stored for a very long time, and continually radiated into the room. 

The huge advantage is that storage heating stoves are the best solution for a secondary heating source, in a low energy or passive house. Today, a great many heating pumps, photovoltaics and thermal collectors are being installed. Most installed systems do not work efficiently on cold days, and are rather slow heating systems. On such days, it is important to have a second slow heating system for bridging, without overheating the room. A storage heating stove, which radiates heat slowly, can be optimally integrated into such a heating network.

Also structurally, a storage heating stove brings advantages for a modern house. The new houses are becoming increasingly well insulated, so that no heat is lost. As storage heating stoves have a very well sealed combustion chamber, the insulation of the house is maintained. At the same time, they require a lower fireplace cross-section, which in turn saves space. 

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Technical Specifications


2-sided left
2-sided right

Versions/Energy label

  • SOE / Energy label A

Important information :

Please note that the dimension sheets are not true-to-size when printed.

Since we are constantly optimising our products, the right to make changes is reserved.

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