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Stove Rüegg Cassia

Compact elegance

Our newest member of the Rüegg family Fina-Line presents itself small and fine: The Rüegg CASSIA.

Our over 60 years of passion for fire have been incorporated into the simple construction and combustion chamber construction, which is also reflected an extremely attractive price.
Reduced to the essential, CASSIA can easily be integrated into the most varied living situations and offers timeless elegance with its elegant black steel surface.

The advantages at a glance:

Low space requirement

  • CASSIA can be installed on less than 0.5 m2 of living space. In compliance with fire protection regulations, a distance of 8 cm to the rear wall or 15 cm to the side of combustible walls is required

Simple design

  • Beautiful flame image thanks to the clever combustion chamber design and precise combustion air supply
  • With a flue gas exit of Ø 150 mm, CASSIA can b connected to almost all existing chimneys with little effort
  • If a repair is necessary, all moving parts can be replaced

Efficient auxiliary heating

  • Saves oil, gas and money
  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • High efficiency level and lower than average emissions / Energy-Label A
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Technical Specifications



Versions/Energy label

  • Cassia / Energy label A


Declarations of performance Stove Cassia

Measurement sheets PDF Stove Rüegg Cassia

Measurement sheets DXF Stove Rüegg Cassia

Measurement sheets STP Stove Rüegg CASSIA - STP

Product data sheet Fireplace Cassia - Product data sheet


Important information :

Please note that the dimension sheets are not true-to-size when printed.

Since we are constantly optimising our products, the right to make changes is reserved.

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