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Our Top-Products

  • CUBEO® fireplace

    CUBEO® fireplace


    With the CUBEO®, you experience a breathtaking view of almost 360° of fascinating flickering flames.

  • Fireplace Rüegg RIII 55x100x46*

    Fireplace Rüegg RIII 55x100x46*


    Let the new Rüegg RIII change your perspective! This new fireplace brings campfire romanticism inside your four walls with its all-round view and surprises you with technically refined details.
    * Illustration not identical to dimensions

  • Fireplace Rüegg RII 50x100x50

    Fireplace Rüegg RII 50x100x50


    Here at Rüegg Switzerland, we have been passionately building high-quality fireplaces for over 60 years. Our new products have been setting standards for decades. These qualities are also combined in the new two-sided Rüegg RII

  • The Rüegg SURPRISE

    The Rüegg SURPRISE

    A winter garden party? Outdoor fondue fun? Smoke-free campfire romance on a mild summer’s evening? With the new SURPRISE outdoor fireplace from Rüegg, the possibilities are amazing and almost infinite.

  • Stove Rüegg Cassia

    Stove Rüegg Cassia

    FINA-LINE Details
  • Tiled stove heating insert KE

    Tiled stove heating insert KE


    Do you already have a tiled stove at home? But does it need renovating and/or replacing? Breathe new life into it, with our tiled stove heating insert.