News April 23 and 24, 2024

Service training course for stove builders in Hinwil

Ofenbauer Schulung April 2024

The invitation to a service training course for stove builders, aimed at Rüegg customers in French-speaking Switzerland and France, has once again been met with great interest.

On 23 and 24 April, around 20 stove builders not only listened to theory under the expert guidance of Serge and Urs at Rüegg Cheminée Schweiz AG, but also got down to work: various Rüegg heating inserts were dismantled into parts and professionally reassembled.

Armed with Rüegg knowledge, a further wealth of experience and a great deal of enthusiasm, the stove builders are now even better equipped to work independently with Rüegg heating elements.

We are constantly planning further training dates and communicating these to our customers. Individual requirements can also be addressed in dialogue with the Rüegg field service.

We look forward to continuing our dialogue with you – not only about technology, but also about other topics relating to fireplaces.

Ofenbauer Schulung April 2024