The Rüegg SURPRISE – a real surprise!

The results of a comprehensive consumer survey revealed what outdoor and barbecue enthusiasts felt was still missing: a closed fireplace with a grill and a heat source where the view of the fire is unrestricted. And this is exactly what we have come up with for the European market.

Thanks to its closed panes, the Rüegg SURPRISE generates a quiet and aesthetically pleasing fire. The grill plates are completely safe for food and can be used for hours to cook meat, sausages, vegetables, fondue, raclette etc... a kind of exclusive and elegant version of the tabletop grill. The plates heat up to 250 – 300 degrees Celsius depending on the volume of wood, the ideal temperature for a successful barbecue. The SURPRISE is not only beautiful, but practical too: the grill plates can go in the dishwasher and the panes can easily be taken out by hand for cleaning.

Smelly smoke that irritates your guests? That’s a thing of the past. Smoke escapes through the chimney, which can be set to whatever height you need. Embers flying all over the place? Thanks to the closed panes, which can easily be opened, that is also no longer an issue.

 Turn every barbecue party into a great success with Rüegg SURPRISE as this fire pit combines design, luxury, atmosphere, emotion and simple handling. Once fired up, you will be more than happy to move your life outdoors.

Rüegg SURPRISE is available exclusively from Rüegg Studios and and from select partners. We look forward to seeing you and surprising you with this unique innovation. Create a new centre point in your garden or on your patio. You can put the SURPRISE’s parts together and spark up your very first real outdoor lifestyle fire in just a few minutes.

Rüegg SURPRISE on YouTube