Partner Event 2019

Visit of the Rüegg production place

Rüegg Partnerevent 2019

The highlight of this year’s partner event was definitely the visit of the Rüegg production place. Divided into two language groups, almost 70 Studio Partners from 9 countries travelled to Hungary and were able to experience closely how the Rüegg fireplaces, which are completely developed in Switzerland, pass through the individual production steps.


A factory tour with many impressions

The visitors experienced a very modern and professionally managed factory, which continuously adapts to the high quality requirements. The genesis of a new development from the idea to the first prototypes by Rüegg specialists, the close cooperation with the production manager as well as the production and finalization in the factory could be seen very impressively. The quality control by the Rüegg team completes the work process before the fireplace makes its way to the fireplace installer and later to the owner.

Rüegg innovation as a surprise

Another highlight of the meeting was of course the presentation of a new product, which is RÜEGG AMBIENT FIRE.

A real fire experience that bridges the gap between comfort, modern ambience and the fascination of fire. The RÜEGG AMBIENT FIRE combines the aura of peace and security with the latest hologram technology in a modern and aesthetic design. Even without any chimney connection the ambiance of a fire can be enjoyed.

A successful event all-round

In addition to the factory tour and the presentation of new products, the exchange of information, the active participation in various workshops, the relaxed Danube boat-trip and the exciting discussions in between were further pieces of the puzzle that made this international event so successful. A thank you to the participants.

After the event is before the event – the planning 2020 has already started. We are looking forward to the next partner event.