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  • Rüegg Cheminée RII
  • Rüegg Cheminée RII
  • Rüegg Cheminée RII
  • Rüegg Cheminée RII
  • Rüegg Cheminée RII
  • Rüegg Cheminée RII
  • Rüegg Cheminée RII

Fireplace Rüegg RII 50x80x42*

Allow us to suggest:
The new Rüegg RII, the latest addition
to the Rüegg family

The new Rüegg RII brings campfire romanticism inside your four walls with its wonderful flame pattern and surprises you with technically refined details. Whether it’s one, two or three-sided, the Rüegg Flex-Line offers state-of-the-art technology and an extensive range of products in ultra-slender design..

The benefits of the new, two-sided glazed Rüegg RII at a glance:

  • User-friendly and functional: Exceptionally smooth panes stay clean for longer, and can be simply unlatched for cleaning and then clicked back in just one
    movement – quickly and easily
  • Durability and reliability in proven Swiss quality: If a repair is required, all movable parts can be replaced without damaging the casing
  • Beautiful flame pattern d ue t o a c lever c ombustion c hamber design and precise combustion air supply
  • The flickering flames really come into their own due to subtle and slender Rüegg Design with many clever, enhancing details
  • The architecture of the Rüegg RII provides lots of freedom in the custom design of your fireplace
  • A certified convection or storage heating system and developed for energy-efficient houses
  • Efficient auxiliary heating: saves oil, gas and money
  • Excellent value for money
  • High efficiency level and lower than average emissions
  • Meets all relevant European energy and environmental regulations

The Rüegg RII, installed in your surroundings by a Rüegg Studio: It is impossible to have more fireside fun!

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Technical Specifications

Fireplace Rüegg RII 50x80x42


2-sided left
2-sided right

Versions/Energy label

  • RII 50x80x42 Gen. 1 / Energy label A


Declarations of performance Cheminée Rüegg RII 50x80x42

Measurement sheets PDF Fireplace Rüegg RII 50x80x42 complete

Measurement sheets DXF Cheminée Rüegg RII 50x80x42 complete

Measurement sheets STP Fireplace Rüegg RII 50x80x42 - STP

Product data sheet Fireplace RII 50x80x42 - Product data sheet


Important information :

Please note that the dimension sheets are not true-to-size when printed.

Since we are constantly optimising our products, the right to make changes is reserved.