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  • Rüegg Fireplace RIII
  • Rüegg Fireplace RIII
  • Rüegg Fireplace RIII
  • Rüegg Fireplace RIII
  • Rüegg Fireplace RIII
  • Rüegg Fireplace RIII
  • Rüegg Cheminée RIII

Fireplace Rüegg RIII 55x80x46*

Here at Rüegg Switzerland, we have been passionately building high-quality fireplaces for over 60 years. Our new products have been setting standards for decades. These qualities are also combined in the new threesided Rüegg RIII, which brings campfire romanticism inside your four walls with its all-round view and surprises you with technically refined details.

The benefits of the new three-sided Rüegg RIII at a glance:

  • Ease of operation and functionality: Extremely smooth-running panes that stay clean for a long period and are easy to clean
  • Durability and reliability in proven Swiss quality
  • Attractive flame pattern due to a clever combustion chamber design and precise combustion air supply
  • The flickering flames really come into their own due to the unique Rüegg Design with many elaborate details
  • The architecture of the Rüegg RIII provides lots of freedom in the custom design of your fireplace
  • Developed as a storage facility for energy-efficient houses
  • Efficient auxiliary heating: saves oil, gas and money
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • High efficiency level (84%) and lower than average emissions
  • Meets all relevant European energy and environmental regulations

The Rüegg RIII, installed in your environment by a Rüegg Studio:
It is impossible to have more fireside fun!

Rüegg RIII on YouTube

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Technical Specifications

Rüegg Fireplace RIII



Versions/Energy label

  • RIII 55x80x46 Gen. 1 / Energy label A


Declarations of performance Fireplace Rüegg RIII 55x80x46

Measurement sheets PDF Fireplace Rüegg RIII 55x80x46

Measurement sheets DXF Fireplace Rüegg RIII 55x80x46

Measurement sheets STP Fireplace Rüegg RIII 55x80x46 Gen2 - STP

Product data sheet Fireplace RIII 55x80x46 - Product data sheet


Important information :

Please note that the dimension sheets are not true-to-size when printed.

Since we are constantly optimising our products, the right to make changes is reserved.