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  • Rüegg Fireplace Cubeo
  • Rüegg Fireplace Cubeo
  • Rüegg Fireplace Cubeo
  • Rüegg Fireplace Cubeo
  • Rüegg Fireplace Cubeo
  • Rüegg Fireplace Cubeo
  • Rüegg Fireplace Cubeo

CUBEO® fireplace

Whether as the focal point in your living room or as a creative room partition: The design of the CUBEO® fireplace opens new perspectives for living room design. Its placement possibilities are almost limitless. Plunge into the fascination of fire - whether at breakfast on a snowy winter’s morning, during dinner on a mild summer’s evening or while you round off the day with a glass of wine on your sofa. Cubeo® introduces an all-round view of the fire, from all four side and almost 360°.

The Cubeo® combines design, technology and high-quality finishing and is model and design protected throughout Europe. With its innovative features, researched in the in-house laboratory, this fireplace is a sustainable heat source in two senses: As a timeless furniture solution and as a climate-neutral heating system.

The ring of hinges on the panels, making them significantly easier to clean, and the rimless panels with no struts are particularly noteworthy features. As a result, neither dirty panels nor metal corners interrupt your view of the fire.


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  • 4-sided / Energy label A


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